“And like the sea, I’m constantly changing from calm to hell.”
— Dallas Green  (via mourningmelody)



House of Faberge, Palace of Gatchina Egg. Look closely to see details of cannons, a flag, a statue of Paul I, and trees.

Self care tips


I take self care in two steps:

  • Showers:
  1. begin with a face mask, while waiting for it to dry, read something eg; the paper, a book, school textbooks
  2. Lay out comfortable clothes and a towel for after your shower
  3. Things to help feel clean: washing, combing and conditioning my hair and washing and exfoliating my face and body
  4. Spend time afterwards moisturising 
  • Distractions 
  1. to distract yourself, shift the focus by putting your phone away and working through some homework. If you feel you need help with organisation, this worksheet is a good place to start.
  2. this sheet also has different ways of coping with your feelings and the activities can be used as distractions 
  3. meditate or do yoga (10 mins) (20 mins) (30 mins)
  4. colour in also fairies and disney 
  5. make a bunch of lists, this could be playlists, love lists, to do lists, really anything
  6. things to do in books; draw, write (journal), paint, collage 

My, my, my, my

              oh give me love.



my favorite thing in stories is when the antagonist doesn’t die, but instead they realize they were being kind of a stupid dick (maybe because the protagonist saved them or something) and then they have to kind of awkwardly tag along with the heroes in order to make up for their mistakes and gradually become slightly less evil



do you ever get sad over something that happened a long time ago because i do 

"Girls who run with the wolves aren’t here for boys to love.” (x)


ask and you shall receive